HISWACA-SOP1/P178497 : Umbrella Environmental and Social Management Framework (U-ESMF)

The Project Development Objective (PDO) is to improve country statistical performance, regional harmonization, data access and use and support the modernization of the statistical system. The key aspects of the PDO are the improvements of (a) the statistical performance of the National Statistical Systems (NSS), (b) harmonization of statistics, (c) data access and use, and (d) modernization process of the NSS and regional statistical systems.

The first phase (HISWACA-SOP1) will support the ECOWAS Statistics Department, STATAFRIC, and WAEMU in their coordination and advocacy roles to improve comparability and harmonization of statistics. The second component supports statistical modernization, institutional reforms, improve data access, dissemination, and use, and human resources development


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